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  1. Does anyone know where I can get the ignition electrical schematic for a 2006 alpine coach 36ffd.
  2. Thank you for responding I replaced the ignition solenoid in battery compartment. No fix. I opened the front panels and there was no solenoid up there, but did notice that the Power distribution panel only had 2 power lights on with the ignition on or off, nothing changed and there is zero power to the vmm below it. There is power going into both units. The vmm in the battery compartment seems to be working fine. The tranny selector does come on with the Neutral light showing. I do have a meter.
  3. 2006 alpine coach has to power to any ignition electrical system. Batteries have 12v and fuses checked good. I can hear power turn on when chassis disconnect is turned on. Even with charger hooked to chassis batteries there is no power to the ignition or dashboard.
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