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  1. I was having similar warming problems with my Norcold refrigerator with temperatures ranging from 38 to 48 degrees. I use propane when driving and AC when parked - either generator or shore power. Exploring other RV websites led me decide to add external and internal fans instead of going through the expense and time to change out for a residential unit. (The next bus will have a residential refrigerator.) Last week I installed the external fans (just behind the side-wall access panel) that are now directed to blow up and on the coils. This should assist the convection process and help push the heat up toward the roof vent. Additionally, having internal mounted fans on the evaporator fins should help move the air around inside the unit and provide more and even cooling. Also, when installing the external fans I found my vent tube to be clogged and not functioning, which I have corrected. (My Allegro Bus has fans installed up near the roof vent behind the refrigerator. However, I can not verify that they are operating. I saw them when I took off the roof cover, but could not get to them without moving the refrigerator out. I think something happened to them when the refrigerator was changed out in 2014.) We will see how all of this works and how cold the unit will stay when we head out west for a 5 week trip in September.
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