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  1. I've been evaluating purchasing a 16-20year Prevost motorhome. Given appropriately documented maintenance records, these units appear to be a reasonable purchase, i.e. ~200K miles w/85%-90% price depreciation. Also, I've spoken to a few folks providing entertainer coaches to the music industry, and have some understanding of these units, configuration, usage levels (500K-1m miles) and cost. Since I need 3-bunks and space for 2 large dogs, my configuration needs look more like a Prevost Entertainer coach than a motorhome. However, for a similar cost, the motorhome will have 50%-80% lower mileage/easier usage. So I'm considering purchasing this RV/coach as a motorhome and than reconfiguring some of the galley and bath/shower areas into 3-bunks, dog crate area, etc. My reconfiguration spend target is ~$15K-$20K. Does this appear to be a reasonable approach to interested members reading this post? If so, what ideas, problems, recommendations do you all have for an effective result? Thank you for your help.
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