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  1. Jim and others, I'll follow-up your leads/pointers to learn more. This is all helpful. I had an initial run through eBay, and did not find anything, and understand the value for having an appropriate pointer to focus the search. Thank you.
  2. Bill, good morning and I appreciate your reply. Thank you. Also, I've received other information identifying this opening/"crack" as a grooved fitting for a shim. This shim is used for aligning the 50DN with the engine pulleys and related belts to drive the alternator. I've a contact for the shims and will be following this up. This added information will close out this topic for now and I'll update it if there is more information. Thank you everyone for having a look and your feedback. --- Jon
  3. Hello Forum Members, I have a '99-'00 MCI converted coach used initially as a celebrity coach and now a highly functional RV. It has been working well for us until this year's recent annual inspection and the coach now has a parts sparing needs issue. I'm interested in understanding more about MCI bus used parts availability and sourcing. My goal is to keep the coach on the road. The electrical parts the coach needs for improved reliability, safety and sparing are the 12V and 24V modules used to manage the electrical current throughout the coach. I've had a 12V fail, with lose of most dashboard gauges and was able to obtain a used module for replacement. NFI parts currently has the 24V remanufactured modules available and unfortunately no 12V modules and unknown availability. The respective part numbers are 12V -- 07-18-1016 and 24V -- 07-18-1017. Currently the 12V module need is the priority. Please provide any information, connect info and related pointers to MCI/bus used, salvage and/or "junk yards" for possible parts. Thank you for your help. Regards, Jon
  4. Hello Forum Members, I have a '99-'00 MCI converted coach used initially as a celebrity coach and now a highly functional RV. It has been working well for us until this year's recent annual inspection and the coach now has what might be a significant repair issue. I'm looking for insights, advise and related guidance to accomplish a resolution. My goal is to keep the coach on the road. The repair situation is the lower, 5 o'clock position on the 50DN bracket has developed a crack. Please see attached picture, 50DN w/lower bracket section and bracket crack at the 5 o'clock position. As identified the coach has a Detroit Diesel (DD) series 60, 12.6L engine and the 50DN alternation is attached to the upper right side, when viewing the engine from the rear compartment. I'm interested in anyone's information about repairing this cracked bracket. Can it be welded? replaced? other options? and information related to costs,, risks, success/reliability after repair. Thank you in advance for your insights and suggestions. Regards, Jon
  5. All, This is quite helpful information and I will avail myself to these additional social media resources. The goggle earth/satellite view and measure is particularly useful to take the uncertainty out of showing up at these campgrounds and trying to sort it out, "on the spot". thank you again for everyone's comments and insights. --- Jon
  6. Campcop, Again, I appreciate the pointer to RV Parky, I've the app and have occasionally chased up the listing to verify the big rig compatible information. I will now use it and other social media available information, e.g. trip advisor, Goggle reviews etc., for added validation. Thank you for taking the time and safe travels. ---- Jon
  7. Wayne, I appreciate the pointer and will avail myself to this site and the related directory. I expect it will be helpful. Thank you for taking the time. Safe travels. Regards, Jon
  8. All, How are folks with Class A RVs making the determination about an appropriate Big Rig friendly campground? We are traveling in a Class A, 45ft convert entertainer coach, and I always search the Big Rig friendly sites, using the FMCA road atlas as the starting point. Once a I have a few identified campground possibilities, I'll review there websites and call to verify both date availability, site location and maneuverability throughout the camp. Mostly my phone inquires yield a general response, "we've had 45ft units here with no problems". When I arrive I'm still finding challenging maneuverability, sometimes needing an open campsite to be able to get the coach situated. This can be challenging, so any added approach, inquiry method and information for identifying a truly Big Rig compatible/friendly RV campground will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help. --- Jon
  9. Johnarch, Hello and I appreciate you providing your experience about this trip. We will consider going through Canada as part of the trip. Although since we will be traveling with pets/dogs, it might be more difficult to get in/out of Canada. My initial approach is to travel I90 and I69, staying in the US. So we will see. Thank you. --- Jon
  10. All, we are planning a trip, late June - mid-July, through Eastern MI, from New Buffalo to Mackinac Island. What recommendations do you all have for campgrounds, stopovers/waypoints and specific locations to experience the area? We will be traveling from the Albany, NY area and will start our trip on I-90/NY Thurway. From this starting point we have quite a bit of flexibility and are traveling in a 45ft motorcoach. Thank you for your recommendations and suggestions. -- Jon
  11. All following this upgrade post, I've nearly completed this upgrade and have the complete system in a trial installation prior the RV installation. In starting this project, I've removed a 26" JVC plasma TV, quite heavy, a Magnavox VHS/DVD and Sony AV receiver. I believe all components are 12+years old. I've left the Bose surround sound in place. There was previously a cable/satellite (DirecTV) box providing TV and internet access. This was removed prior to my acquiring the coach. As replacements, I've installed Verizon 5G Hotspot (Inseego) for internet and streaming TV. The Inseego tech team has been quite helpful. Verizon less so. Samsung 32" SmartTV N5300. This was fairly easy to wirelessly connect to the hotspot LG Blu-ray DVD player, and Denon AVR-S540BT for AM/FM radio, mobile phone/Bluetooth connection and USB port. This also connects to the Bose system. These newer TVs and AVRs with ARC connections are much easier and simpler to use, as Audio Return Channel (ARC) eliminates a cable and links controls between the TV and the AVR simplifying audio/speaker setup/integration. While the 5g hotspot currently is receiving 4G LTE, it appears to work fine and the Inseego crew has verified the 4G's capability, so getting 5G anywhere will make the signal better. I'm still sorting out the antenna situation, and the prior owner has provided some insights and I believe the antenna cabling is in place. Hopefully this will be reusable. Additionally, there is a 2nd system in the former rear lounge, and I'll be upgrading that will a similar implementation, sharing the 5G hotspot. Please advise any additional insights and/or questions. --- Jon
  12. OK. I appreciate the update. Since I'm interested in getting to 5G, I expect the dedicated hotspot will be helpful as the 5G network expands. Thank you.
  13. Rossboyer, OK. helpful. We have Prime and Peacock already, and expect with the 5G hotspot will get Disney+, so hopefully this will cover our needs. I expect the biggest challenge will be integrating the 5G hotspot with the Smart TV, and verifying we have an adequate signal at specific locations. And we will see how this all works out. Thank you.
  14. All following this thread, I'm starting a major entertainment system upgrade in a former celebrity coach. This system was installed 2008-10 and includes satellite receiver, TVs, amplifiers/speaker systems, and DVDs/CDs. There are 2 separate systems, front and rear lounges. I'm interested in anyone's comments about having done something similar and focusing on deinstall/installation activities, new product options, service suppliers, etc. My approach will be, capture internet access and TV streaming services through FMCA's Verizon deal and 5G hotspot Install a load balancer/router to enhance the interior WiFi signal Install a new Smart TV for the front lounge Reuse the current amplifiers/speaker systems and CD changer/player Install new Blu-ray players to provide additional streaming apps source and to support 1 current/older TV. I plan to stage all these new units at home to test setup and integration and then start the coach deinstallation and related installation activities. Please let me know any questions/clarifications and suggestions. Thank you.
  15. All, I purchased a RV with ~10+yr old electronics and entertainment systems and am now planning an upgrade to the system. My initial thinking is there are 3 critical and core elements, Internet mobile access, Internet/digital streaming TV and the switching system. The current installation allows the possibility to upgrade the internet mobile access and front lounge TV, utilizing the current amplifier/switching to continue using the speaker system and CD player. (I am old enough to have CDs to put in this player.) The plan and upgrade steps look like, eliminate the plasma TV and replace with a current internet-enabled, digital streaming capable TV, ~$350. Eliminate the satellite hook-up, now inactive, and replace with an Inseego MiFi 2100 5G capable mobile hotspot. Since I'm already a Verizon customer, it will be easier/simpler to add this device and service to my existing account. And even though 5G service is currently limited, this device will default to 4G, and capture 5G whenever/wherever available. Also, the Inseego will allow any mobile phone/tablet to connect to it providing internet access to any/all devices coming onto the RV. The TV is just another device "paired" to the hotspot, wired or wireless. ~$60/month for service and ~$400 device cost. Utilize the existing amplifier and switching device to bring the audio signal into the existing Bose speaker system and continuing use of the CD player. For folks having done some/all of this type of upgrade before, do I have this about correct? Am I missing major items/issues, and if so what? Any suggestions/recommendations, possible problems, etc. are greatly appreciated. And I'm able to write this all up, step-by-step, if folks believe others can reuse/apply the template. Thank you. --- Jon
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