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  1. Hi. Too far, as in a plane ride. I expect if I really want indoor storage, I can find it closer to my Western Mass residence. Again, I'm not convinced about the indoor storage need. I've seen a few posts that identify reasonable approaches to outdoor storage. And I'll only be storing the coach Jan-Mar+ for 3+years, then I expect we will be traveling during these harsh winter months. Adding solar panels, permanent or portable, seems like a reasonable solution for getting power to the chassis and house batteries during storage. So I'll investigate this possibility. Thank you.
  2. Again, very helpful information, and generally fits with some of my current activities to resolve maintenance and storage needs. I've used MCI's roadside assistance service to identify local service organizations, and then gotten their recommendations for storage nearby. Thank you.
  3. Hi, good afternoon and happy new year to you, also. My concern w/maintaining the current owner relationship is access to knowledge/expertise and the prior mechanic. All helpful with a big, somewhat complicated coach and a new owner. So I see some value here. And I appreciate the pointer about outside storage, and concur, that after 20years, and 400K miles there is no real reason to keep this coach in indoor storage. I've found very limited availability of outside electrical facilities and have been pointed toward solar units to meet the need. Also, with the coach outside, the generator can be run on any required frequency to charge the batteries, etc., as another option. thank you. PS: I appreciate the pointer about traveling with dogs. Ours are 2 german short hair pointers, fairly large. I'll remake one of the bunk areas for the crates, as we only need 3 bunks.
  4. All, again my thanks for everyone's comments and insights. Very helpful. I've done my initial bus/coach inspection, a 1999-2000 MCI, converted to an entertainer/star coach just after delivery. This coach has ~400K miles, and I've all 20yrs maintenance history and have inspected the bus w/the current, and only owner. The owner included the mechanic having done all the maintenance and record keeping. The owner, mechanic and I spent ~1hr together going through the engine, transmission and ECAS maintenance activities. The owner and I spent ~another 3 hours covering the interior, usage profile, other questions, etc. This unit appears to be a possible purchase and meets our needs. Unfortunately, PeterPan Bus, has been unable to deliver on the prior commitments. This bus/coach has a Detroit Diesel S60 engine and Allison B500 transmission, and again I've access to all the maint. and fluid analysis records. All valuable. I'm now looking for a service organization and storage facility in the CT I91 corridor. I'll be reviewing/interviewing a few after the new year. also, I've come across Nat'l Indoor RV storage, and their facility is in the Atlanta area. The current owner would prefer is store this coach indoors w/30-50amp continuous power. Most of this is to support 10+yr electronics, that I've no value for, and to eliminate the winterization process time/expense. I'm interested in anyone's insights into the storage issues, indoor/outdoor, and service organizations. thank you and a happy new year to all.
  5. Hello FMCA responders to this post, My apologies for my tardy reply/update, a busy fall. First,, I appreciate everyone insights here, all very helpful. Many thanks to everyone. I particularly interested in these MCI comments/insights, as I live fairly close to PeterPan Bus HQ, and this larger reg'l carrier runs MCI buses exclusively. So there is a wealth of expertise in this area to support/maintain a MCI RV/entertainer. Additionally, I've completed most hurdles for this purchase and am now assessing 3 ~20yr old MCI entertainer/RV units. We will see how this goes. Thank you all again. --- Jon
  6. I've been evaluating purchasing a 16-20year Prevost motorhome. Given appropriately documented maintenance records, these units appear to be a reasonable purchase, i.e. ~200K miles w/85%-90% price depreciation. Also, I've spoken to a few folks providing entertainer coaches to the music industry, and have some understanding of these units, configuration, usage levels (500K-1m miles) and cost. Since I need 3-bunks and space for 2 large dogs, my configuration needs look more like a Prevost Entertainer coach than a motorhome. However, for a similar cost, the motorhome will have 50%-80% lower mileage/easier usage. So I'm considering purchasing this RV/coach as a motorhome and than reconfiguring some of the galley and bath/shower areas into 3-bunks, dog crate area, etc. My reconfiguration spend target is ~$15K-$20K. Does this appear to be a reasonable approach to interested members reading this post? If so, what ideas, problems, recommendations do you all have for an effective result? Thank you for your help.
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