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  1. I spoke to Spartan today, the build sheet for my chassis states 7.5" rims they do not list duals spacing but do note 2" between duals. So lets take the Michelin published overall width of 10.8" + 2" spacing =12.8" not good enough, 13.5" needed & also the XRVs need 9.0" or 8.25 rims not 7.5". Regarding Brett's clearance concerns, a DS owner on Irv2 with the bigger rims installed the XRVs with no problems. One other piece of info, a Spartan Alteration Label sent on 3-4-04 stating correct tire pressure for installed wheels is not to exceed 120 PSI not the 123 PSI provided with coach as delivered on 2-21-04. Am I to be concerned about this going forward ? Any suggestions on the best & safest tire, wheel combo. If there is more info needed I will try to get it.
  2. Thanks for the responses, I have the corner weights these are the heaviest & probably the max we will be within a couple hundred pounds ever. L front 6,300- R front 5,850, L rear 9,300- R rear 8,960. The wheel size & dual spacing is going to take a few days the coach is in storage 75 mile round trip away, same for the clearance concerns. I am not trying to make a big deal about the XRVs but now is the time to inquire not after spending $4,000 + . Thank you both for the thoughtful questions. PS these weights were with 150 gallons of fuel, full fresh water 100+ gallons & enough STUFF for a 4 month trip.
  3. New tires for 04 DS DP Spartan chassis 370 hp.original tire Michelin XZA1 275/70R22.5 LRH. The dealer says theXZA2 275/70R22.5 LRJ is the tire i need. OK, but what about the XRV305/70R22.5 LRL? The XRV would require less PSI for comp loads is this a good thing? Diameter is 1.1 inch more on XRV & dual wheel spacing 13.5" compared to 12" for XZA2. Axle ratings Fr 13,200 lbs Rr 20,000 lbs. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  4. Hey, RVers! We're planning on leaving Shiprock, N.M., on October 15, 2010, and going to Taos, N.M., on U.S. 64. We have a 40-foot diesel pusher with a dingy (Ford Ranger pickup truck). What weather conditions can we expect this time of year? And is this a good route for us? Thanks for any help you can give us. Harold and Pam
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