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  1. I followed your advice and it's working now....... But I have a antifreeze leak in my middle heat zone. I don't need heat now as it has been extremely hot here. Can I shut the furnace sections off while I determine the best way to reach the leak. I need the hot water, I have 3 small kids. Thanks
  2. Hi. I've been learning a lot about my aqua hot system from your forum. I recently acquired my new to me 1996 Hawkins motorcoach with the older aqua hot model 413/12. It would originally would run between 15 and 30 minutes then stop. I I serviced it with a new fuel nozel and filter. I have not run it because I needed to drain the old boiler antifreeze, it was in bad shape. I'm hoping someone can help me with a couple of questions. I understand the zone bleeding procedure from the manual but need to get an air blow gun to pressurize the system. Question#1, Do I fill the tank completely with new antifreeze? My manual says 15 gallons then start bleeding procedure. It has 15 gallons in it but is not "full". Question#2, can I use the domestic hot water safely before bleeding the heat zones? Also, I keep reading to mix the antifreeze 50/50. I purchased the camco boiler antifreeze that says "no mixing required" Can anyone clarify? Thanks.
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