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  1. Disappointing to read that article but much appreciated to hear what’s going on. I did sign petition and reposted it on FB. thanks friends if you hear any more please let me know here
  2. My husband Todd, was to begin retirement on April first, April fools day But we live in the Bay Area and have been told to shelter in place for 3 weeks. This has made today, Saint Patrick’s day, Day one of retirement. Hidden blessing I guess. We were supposed to begin our trip of a lifetime April 18th. I spent HOURS PLANNING OUR ROUTE AND RESERVING SITES. Sigh, Now it’s all up in the air and I’m genuinely not sure how we will proceed. The Canadian border closed today to non essential travel. We were to be there in June. I am interested in those who are full timers and how you are “moving forward” in this challenging corona virus season we find ourselves in. I would really appreciate your thought, advice and experiences traveling out there. Thank you
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