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  1. Rich, Thanks for the comment! I was planning for worst case where I would be moving from one boondocking location dirctly to another without stoping for full hookup and had to fill my tank as fast as possialbe and wanted RO water in my tank. Also 105 gallons of water weighs about 900 Lbs, which is a lot but only about 1.5% of my 61,000 Lbs GCWR and wind resistacne is more important than mass when at highway speeds. Yes I do only carry about 1/2 a tank or less of fresh water when going down the road, but I want the abilty to fill the fresh tank as fast a possiable. I did go down by 50% as I was originally looking at a 2,000 GPD system that would fill my tank from empty in 1.25 hours.
  2. I have sent him a private message. Thanks for the prompt. I hope to build at a minium a 1,000 gallon per day reverse osmosis system, which equals to a 41.66666666666667 gallon per hour permiate rate so I can fill my 105 gallon fresh water tank in close to two and a half hours. At a 1,800 gallon production rate I could fill the tank in about 1.4 hours and a 2,000 gallon per day would fill it in about 1.26 hours.....
  3. Mike, I know this is an OLD thread but can you post some details on your system? I would like to know more about your booster pump, the sizes and part numbers of the membranes you use and how you control the system. I want a whole coach RO system too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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