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  1. I depends on the state and the insurance company. In some states it is required that insurance companies include glass coverage in other states.....you need to check with the insurance company. One reason I went with Progressive is that they would include $100.00 deductible for an extra $38.00 per year. I live in California. When I got a quote from GS, they didn't offer that extra coverage and said it would be covered under my comprehensive. ($1000.00) been there done that....... Went with Progressive.
  2. I used Sergio's Fiberglass repair when I hit a deer near Glacier NP. He did a great job. His number is 714-227-7151. He also deals with insurance companies. He works in the Orange County area. He is also mobile.
  3. X2 get a site along one of the lakes. We spent Christmas.
  4. We use ours everytime we are dry camping. Works well.
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