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  1. Manholt, No fuse found in the circuit (bathroom wall, Master Flush Control Box, behind/in the toilet assembly), other than its 15 amp in the panel. I read about possible inline fuses in other maintenance/installation forums. Note: I did not unbolt the toilet from the floor, although I was heading down that path. The open back of the toilet is angled into the bathroom corner, with a carpeted false floor/platform covering the access. Robert
  2. Jim, Appreciate the reply and suggestion. I have "somehow" gotten the unit to work again, which lends itself to an initially overlooked loose connection. I did investigate upgrade/repair replacement options in the interim ... turns out Dometic are pretty proud of their toilet products too. (switches for $120, master controls $500, etc...) Thanks to everyone. Be safe on the road. Robert
  3. HP Blue wire, along with black/yellow stripe were capped when i pulled the wiring out of the cabinet. WHITE/GREEN/BLACK leave the controller and connect to the toilet via a modular 4-pin plug. I disconnected and could not detect voltage at the mod plug when pressing the Flush Button Robert
  4. 3rd owner of a 2009 Damon Tuscany 4051, with a toilet issue. The Dometic Sealand Model 8819 macerator toilet was working, but has now stopped. When depressing the electric Full Flush button you can hear clicks in the control box, but nothing else happens. I have flushed & rinse the black tank, however believe the toilet's High Level tank switch has already been disconnected. I have opened the control box and verified 12VDC incoming. I called Dometic Tech ... however received the after hours "CLOSED" recording. In a RV park with convenient restroom access, however that doesn't please my co-pilot. Any tips? Thanks, Robert
  5. manholt Thanks, I'll stick a few bottles of Dawn in the basement until i get it all resolved. docj, WILDBILL, If replaced, planning to stay with a 3,000 psi rated product Thanks for the help Robert
  6. WILDBILL & RSBILLEDWARDS. I am appreciative of the feedback, advice and "discounthydraulichose" website. Haven't open the wallet yet ... weighing the options, and will still get a quote from Carolina Truck Care. Thanks Robert
  7. WILDBILL, The braiding beneath the outer cover looks white (synthetic fiber - nylon?) and not metallic. The cracks are everywhere, at the earlier pictures - valve assembly, and near the cylinders (attached). I don't want to waste money, but just trying to be proactive. Robert
  8. manholt, I do not have any leaks at the fittings or along any of the hoses at this time. I showed the pictures to a hydraulic supply shop, in preparation for personally taking on the job, and were told the cracks were due to "age" ... and less expensive hose being used. My concern is the eventual or potential hose/system leak .... and with my luck, 11pm on a Friday night. Robert
  9. cracks in outer jacket (hose on right side)
  10. white with red/orange showing from under black jacket
  11. Gentlemen, Thanks for the rapid replies. It is a Lippert System on this 2009 coach, and assumed Lippert supplied jacks. I am the 2nd or 3rd owner of this coach, and can't confirm. As to working on it, yes, in fact thought about turning it into a DIY project. However, if I replace one line I plan to replace all ... some 10 or so hose assemblies, estimated 170' of hose, and untold fittings. An additional concern would be the hydraulic spill on the driveway, besides just my body access under the coach with the leveling jacks retracted. Since starting this thread, I have reached out a company called Carolina Truck Care and have scheduled a 12/2 appointment for estimate, etc... I will continue to follow this thread should additional advice or local shop reviews be posted Thank you again Robert
  12. Live in the Spartanburg, SC area. In need of having the hydraulic leveling jack hoses replaced on a 2009 Damon Tuscany Class A. No leaks yet, but old hoses are showing cracks in outer jacket. Anyone have experience with something similar in my area, and preferably advice on a good service center or other. Thanks
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