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  1. I need to find a source for a replacement 110AVC cartridge for our RV water heater. The old cartridge was part of an aftermarket water heater kit (that was called the 'RV Super Saver') that I purchased in the '90s (probably at an FMCA rally). The company selling the kits was Goal Getters, Inc., located in Bothell, WA; they seem to be out of business. The info on the cartridge is: ARC Indiana, ARIB-347-1, 120VAC-575 W. The cartridge screws into the drain-plug hole of the water heater. A replacement cartridge would need to fit into an Atwood Water Heater, Model Number G6A-8E. The name of a source for a replacement cartridge - only - would be appreciated. The best I've been able to find are complete kits for over $120 (not worth it for my situation).
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