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  1. Sometimes the oven control knob can't push in far enough to light the pilot. The pilot should light instantly and continue after you release the control knob once the thermocouple heats up. I have had to remove the knob and put a "filler" in the hole so it sits high enough to push in far enough to light the pilot. Of course you can go old school and skip the pilot and just light the burner; done that before as well. More details
  2. If your refrigerator works on gas but it does not work on 110v AC then there is something wrong with your electrical power supply. First, check that you are getting the energy to your refrigerator. Check your circuit breakers/ fuses. If all seems well there then you will want to test the outlet your fridge is being plugged into. Using a multimeter is the best option, you are looking for a reading between 110 and 120 volts, but if a multimeter isn’t available then you can plug a fan, lamp, or another small device into the plug to test if the appliance is getting energy.
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