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  1. Allow me to be the next victim of Cornerstone. We own a 2017 Thor 31S Windsport from General RV in Tampa, Florida and were suckered into the $6,000 Cornerstone ponzi scheme. I won't go into all the issues we have endured with this rolling piece of junk but our latest is critical. On our way home from Kansas we noticed the right side wall moving up and down every time we hit a bump. Dropped it off at General RV in Jacksonville, FL for that and a few other minor issues. After finding out that a BRACKET had broken away from the frame they informed us that Cornerstone does not cover that or any of the other issues we have. According to Cornerstone they ONLY cover electrical and mechanical issues. Minor repairs not covered, which includes a hole in the couch, ok, no big deal. But not covering the BRACKET that broke away from the frame that had the potential to cause a major accident while being driven? And Thor's "warranty" yea well that's only good for 1 year. NEVER AGAIN! Dealership, Thor and Cornerstone are all crooks as far as I'm concerned. At this point my husband is top notch mechanic and me, well I think it's time for me to learn how to do all the other rv repairs.
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