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  1. We have a diesel pusher which came with the standard black and gray water discharge hose and associated plumbing. I modified the system to accept a Flojet macerator pump, hose and fittings. As it currently stands, I can switch back to the conventional discharge hose in a matter of minutes. My macerator system is set up with a 1" hose and fittings. Problem is, the primary hose I use is about 20 feet in length and the extension hose is approx. 10 feet in length. Many of the RV Parks we visit, have the sewer pipe installed away from the water hook-up or electrical box. Our motorhome plumbing compartment is located midway along the coach, which means in many instances I have to join both hoses to reach the sewer. I would like to purchase a longer hose (about 50 feet), and would like to receive any suggestions on the best choice of hose to purchase, specifically, a 1" hose that will coil without having the strength of a gorilla to coil and store. I would prefer to keep the system with a 1" hose and avoid converting to 3/4". Thanks for your replies.
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