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  1. I just had my first experience with the FMCA/Michelin discount program and I came away a little disappointed and a little angry. And let me state right up front, this is not an FMCA issue, it is a Michelin issue! I was putting new tires on our toad. I followed the instructions and got a quote from a local participating dealer on Tuesday and then called Michelin to register my CC. I arrived today and they installed my four BFGoodrich tires. The salesman tried entering the info into the Michelin system and it would not complete saying that the name did not match the card. The salesman called Michelin and basically got the runaround. He told them that he had the card in his hand and the customer was right there. He ended putting me on the phone with Michelin. As it turns out, when I registered the card, the operator at the other end misspelled both my first and last names. No problem, just correct it in the system, right? Wrong! I explained that the tires were installed and I was trying to cash out. The supervisor said that they could not change what was in the system and suggested that I cash out, using the incorrect name, and call back tomorrow to re-register the card. What? Since when will Mastercard, accept an incorrect name, and approve the transaction? Michelin said that is all they can do. I do not know what country the phone bank was in, but it was very clear that English was a second language. Lesson learned! When I do the RV tires later this summer, I will make sure that they read it back to me. I ended up cancelling the FMCA transaction and just taking the dealer's original quote. It only cost me a couple of bucks a tire and avoided another half an hour of frustration.
  2. We are a retired couple. Bought a 2003 Fleetwood Terra 31H and started traveling part-time. We decided to sell our tree farm in southern Maine (and everything else we owned) and travel full-time. I started a blog "Change the Journey" about how to take control of life's journey and do the things that you always dreamed about. Well, along came COVID, so we holed up in Silver Springs, FL for 6 months. Then started gearing up for a 9 month journey out west. Yea, life's journey took control back. 😒 When we got back to NH, my wife was diagnosed with dementia and they don't want her traveling. So the motor home is in storage. We've been trying to find a seasonal site in NH or southern Maine but they are all taken and most decent campgrounds have a 2-3 year waiting list. So, now our journey is different. Instead of a travel blog it now documents the patient/caregiver journey. Not exactly what we dreamed, but we are alive and together. Better off than many. Life goes on. Bruce & Pam
  3. I went and bought a used Netgear 815S hotspot so that I can have both 2.4 and 5GHz. And kudos to the TC crew for providing me a nano SD. While I appreciate the TechConnect benefit from FMCA, I think the AT&T deal is just a rotten deal all around. To be pushing out a hotspot that is 2.4GHz only is pretty bad. But to up the price and throttle it just seems like a poor choice. I too would love to return the program to T-Mobile. And I say that as an AT&T Prepaid customer for at least a decade.
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