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  1. Having issues with inverter not charging house batteries. Solar charges ok, luckily I had put a 10 amp trickle charger on board and it charged the batteries to max. WF-9865 inverter. When I unplug it then plug it back in after a few seconds the fan comes on just for a sec then nothing. Monitor shows 0 current until the sun hits the array. That's issue 1. Second, we got ready to leave and the steps would not retract. They would but they went like opposite they were supposed to. Turn key off they retracted, start engine and the extended. I let them retract then unplugged the power cable. Big step in for sure. 3rd problem is we have a 3 camera system that switches with the turn signals. This has stopped working and is full time on the rear camera. I can switch cameras manually but not automatically with the turn switch. 4 concern is we're a 50 amp rig, our main power cable has two blue lights which only one of them works after a visit to a KOA in NH. At that time, our TV has lousy cable but fairly amazing air reception. Could all these problems or at least some of them being caused by one thing? Thanks in advance. Ding 2009 Forest River Georgetown 373 Gas.
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