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  1. Sorry about no replies. I am not getting any notifications that you guys are making comments or have questions. I'm surprised today to see so much response. Thank you very much. I am new to this forum. Is there something I need to change so I get notifications of comments here? 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid with 135,000 miles. The MH is 2" higher than toad. Knuckle on my tow bar is moving freely. By the way, my car is approved for towing on all 4s.
  2. I am towing (for the first time towing anything) a Ford Fusion Hybrid on all 4 behind my RV. I'm using a Roadmaster tow bar and Roadmaster tow base plate on my car. Also using Invisibrake for my braking system. After towing 1400 miles, I feel like my front left bearings are making noise and have a little front end snapping noise when turning ... noises I never had before towing this car. Can towing cause these kinds of problems? Could I have done something wrong? Any suggestions or have you had similar experience?
  3. I'm still curious if anyone has tried the RettroBands on their front tires. Anyone have experience yet? I'm wondering if the added weight has any effect on wheel bearings. How much do they cost to put on?
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