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  1. Is there an actual recall, or do we just contact Freightliner Custom Chassis? I had the same issue. Mine rubbed through at the extension thread so it did not leak until I put on the TPMS system and it leaked through the hole. I replaced the extension and now check on a regular basis to make sure the rubber stabilizer has not moved. There is still the issue of the valve stem not being bent to the correct position which is creating this issue to begin with.
  2. Thank you everyone for the responses. Herman, there is no Max A/C on this system. The 3 settings are defrost, floor vents or main vents. Ray, I just spoke with Aurora and was informed that there is no recirculate door to shut off the fresh air from the outside. That was a decision from REV group engineers. He advised that there may still be a leak in the system or the thermostat needs to be relocated on the Evaporator. Rich, yes to the compressor, drier and condenser, but the evaporator was installed by REV. Someone else I spoke with mentioned a clogged H-block as well. I take it back to the dealer on Thursday, so lets hope I get some resolution on the issue. Stay safe and Happy travels, Stephen
  3. I am having a major issue with the dash A/C in our 2018 Holiday Rambler Endeavor XE 38F Diesel Pusher. With the A/C set on high, the temperature difference between the floor intake and the discharge vent is only 13 degrees on average. Ranges between 10 and 16 degrees. Does not make a difference what the intake temperature is. Has anyone else been having this issue and if so, what was done to correct the problem. The A/C system says Aurora on it, but trying to find information for the company has been difficult. There was a recall regarding the potentiometer that was supposedly corrected before I took delivery and that does not seem to be the issue. When the unit was taken to Freightliner, they said all of the components on their side were working properly. Also, There is no recirculating door to be able to shut off outside air from entering. Is this normal for a MH? Just returned from a 6,000 mile journey and had to deal with all kinds of smells and pollutants entering. Any help would be appreciated. Stephen Suarez
  4. The cabin Air Filter on our 2018 Endeavor XE is on the front of the Air box. When I open the front of the coach up, it can be easily seen. Not sure if yours is the same. I can tell you that the only place I was able to locate a filter was from REV and they wanted 56.00 plus shipping. Good luck.
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