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  1. If you are questioning your DNS try using one of the free DNS servers. Google has a couple free DNS servers, as much as I detest google, try DNS server settings and
  2. eddylucast

    Tire age

    The Michelin coach tires had a UV fighting compound and I'm just replacing 11 year old tires that still have no separation issues. I'm going to tell you how your RV is stored plays into the equation. Outside storage in all kinds of weather you'll replace them much more often than a unit stored indoors where no UV light is present.
  3. My question would be what have you done to the tire balance in the process of shaving the tire so it's round again?
  4. eddylucast

    Sumitomo tires

    I spent 20 years in the tractor trailer world. We were very picky about which tires to run on the steering axle. I always ran Sumitomo on the steering axle and nothing else. In my opinion these are better than any Michelin tire and has a much better price. The tire has a much more substantial sidewall where the Michelins have a much lighter more flexible sidewall and tire ear was never an issue . We have a 40' Prevost and I'm shopping for tires if Sumitomo had a 315 80R22.5 in a steering tread that's what I'd buy, but they don't. We have a commercial bus outfit near here that is part of the Greyhound system. They are running Firestone FS400s. I just don't have anything good to say about Firestone but I'm also old enough to remember the Firestone 500 poppers and the 721s that followed from the late 70s and the Firestones are within $10 0f Michelins price.
  5. What kind of speed do you get from your ToGo service?
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