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  1. We have the new Verizon MiFi8800 only because where we park 6 months out of the year only has Verizon access. i.e. the middle of no where west Texas. I've not been thrilled with it. It seems to be more of an ad delivery device. Every day the device supports a link to different ads. I'm not so sure about the 25 Gb limit either. I monitored it every day and the data we consume is predictable. Ten days in we had used our normal amount of data 10.4 Gb and the ads started to appear on the hotspot UI, the next day it stated we had magically jumped from 10.4 to 25.1 GB and was vastly slowed down. The jump in data was bogus and I'm not at all impressed.
  2. What kind of speed do you get from your ToGo service?
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