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  1. Thanks Wolf10. It sounds like that as long as I do not exceed the GVWR and GCWR, even on the 22K/26K chassis, by actually checking the RV makers numbers, weighing the loaded RV and weighing the Jeep I should be ok. Is this correct? Probably will focus on RVs with the 24K/30K chassis however. Still weigh everything but the 24K/30K Rvs seem to give me more confidence about towing the Jeep. Also - how do I tell if a chassis has been extended....
  2. Hello folks - Wannabe RV person here… We will be shopping for a gas RV next year and plan to flat tow our Jeep Cherokee Limited. This vehicle has the Active Drive II transfer case so flat towing it should be no problem. In preparation for this purchase I have weighed the vehicle and it comes in at 4280 lbs. I am looking at several RVs and have a question about chassis GCWR, GVWR and the capability to tow this Jeep. Some of the RVs that I am looking at have a GCWR of 30K lbs & GVWR of 24k lbs for a difference of 6K lbs and use a 5K hitch. I believe that these RVs should be able to tow this 4280 lb Jeep with no problem. True? Other RVs I am looking at have a GCWR of 26K & GVWR of 22K - a difference of 4K Lbs but also use a 5K hitch. Technically the Jeep, at 4280 lbs, is 280 lbs over weight. Is it a safe assumption that as long as the actual weight of the RV does not exceed 21,720 lbs (GVWR of 22K lbs minus the 280 lbs over weight) that I can safely tow this Jeep? Thanks for any advice!
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