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  1. On 2/6/2024 at 4:45 PM, rayin said:

    with no more information, I 2nd Five's reply.  Details of  when, where, engine running?, A/C running,  etc. would really help with  answering.

    The coach is I storage 6 new agm batteries installed 6 weeks ago. Started coach and let it and gen run. 1 hr for the gen while I watch tv. 3 days ago I started hearing the  humming sound when I shut engine down. 3 day later I go back it’s still humming the kicker is both battery disconnect switches were in the off positions 


  2. I’m confused about tire pressure.

     Inside the coach behind the driver seat the chart says 120 lbs front and rear

    Then I read on another forum. Weigh your veh. Take the front axle weight divide it by 2 for the rear divide the number by 4 look at a tire chart find that # or close to it and fill accordingly. 
    well per the chart in veh.  It shows 120 for all 6 tires?????

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