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  1. Wayne, Thanks so much for your input. We just a few days ago spent some time internet researching the VuQube and Winegard products. Our conclusion was to buy the Winegard Carryout. Your input solidified our decision. Thanks so much!! By the way, is your Dish receiver a 1000 dual receiver? Ours is, and we've been advised that a single receiver works best. Any thoughts?
  2. We are currently in the process of setting up a Dish portable satellite and are already determining how cumbersome this item is. We are full-timers in a 40-foot, 2008 Winnebago Vectra with no extra basement space for the unit. The dish is traveling behind the cowl of our 24-foot trailer. This makes for a less-than-simple job of attachment, removal, setup, breakdown, etc. If you have any experience with purchase and use of the VuQube 1000, please comment. Thank you!
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