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  1. Hey Duce the V-10 was a great engine however my old coach had the 2 valve version in a 30 ft class A I too suffered with a 6MPG however I was towing my F-150, if Ieft the truck home I would get almost 7 mpg. from there I started using a fuel system cleaner and MPG extender (Lucas upper cylinder cleaner) A few things I noticed right away, first was how smooth the engine ran at upper RPM, the other was HOW SMOOTH the generator ran and how easy they both would now start, plus my MPG went up almost a 1/2 gallon per mile, Being a retired mechanic I always opposed any type of additives however I know what we call Gasoline is no longer the same stuff. (especially if it sits for a few months) I got to a point I used it with every fill up, it also cleaned the fuel system. I since sold my old gasser and bought a 2003 DP with a Cummins diesel which was NOT designed to run ultra low diesel fuel so I use a fuel additive (Diesel Kleen) to combat the smell that comes from running the B20 fuel at truck stops, not only does it change the smell but IT REALLY MAKES THE ENGINE RUN SMOOTHER AT IDEL, and much improved start ups, again with the main engine AND the genny. I travel mostly out in Nevada and Arizona flat out thru the desert
  2. When working for ford, its all about the diagnosis not part replacing. When you encounter someone who wants to just replace parts... RUN AWAY!!! There are so many things that can cause that, like a torque converter one way clutch not holding, Also when you have a coil become biased and starts making RF it can shut down a PCM. I have had MAF sensors go bad and lean the fuel system Nooooooo power, even a bad alternator can cause a no power condition. You need someone Monitoring the pids while someone drives it, on those old dogs there are very little surprises. Find someone who knows how to diagnose. Those old 2 valve V-10s were awesome with there power and performance.
  3. rikadoo

    Tow dolly

    Reading all your posts my question is do tow dolly need a separate rider? or do they require a policy of there own? Then another question comes to mind, when towing on a dolly IF there is a issue how is the ins handled if something was to happen?
  4. Also doing all that work is GREAT, however remember if you have a side mounted condenser for your a dash mounted A/C clean it too, you will really appreciate the difference.
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