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  1. Many people use a external portable satilite dish. You just connect it to the outside of your RV. The problem is that you may need a different receiver than the one you are using for the Traveler. For instance Dish has the Pathfinder X2 portable satellite dish using a 211Z receiver. Also DirecTv I believe can only get SD and not HD on their portable satilite dish, but I may be wrong?
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    Many in the RV world use FL, TX or SD as their domicle. I chose SD because the sales tax on the purchase of my rig was lower, they have no income tax, I don’t need a special drivers license to drive my Class A DP, and I can registure by mail without an inspection.
  3. You can also go on campgroundreviews.com and look at an area or specific campground by name and see the info about the campground, reviews and a link to the campgrounds website.
  4. The article states that they will be offered a discounted rate to join. Maybe, I’m guessing, the same renewal rate I was offered, $50 for one year, rather than $75. Anything that can increase membership seems like a good idea. Thousands of $50 members is better than only hundreds of $75 members. Maybe next FMCA can make the same offer to Newmar, Tiffin, Entegra and Winnebago owners?
  5. Thanks for that info. I have a Itasca with the LCI leaving system. Will look forward to any pics you can post.
  6. Not sure about those locations you mentioned but in my 8 years of full time travel I have found Verizon to have the best coverage with AT&T a close second. Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost, US Cellular and all the others like them are only good when in a major metropolitan area and have limited service out on the road.
  7. I will be traveling from Rapid City to Lake Havasu at the end of Sept. Not sure if I should take I-70 west from Denver (going thru the Eisenhower tunnel) to I-15 south thru Las Vegas or stay on I-25 south from Denver to I-40 West at Albuquerque. I’m a little worried about the weather on I-70. Your thoughts? I am driving a Class A DP pulling a Jeep Wrangler.
  8. I just got an email that FMCA is offering a one year renewal for the reduced price of $50. You must renew online using the email. If you go to the FMCA Web site or renew on the phone you will be charged the full renewal price. Even tho my membership doesn’t expire till Feb 2021 I just renewed for another year at $50. Now I’m good till Feb 2022.
  9. If the Shaw is in working order I would just use it and get rid of the Winegard.
  10. Are you in a camp ground? Ask the front office for a recommendation. Or check on rvservicereviews.com.
  11. I purchased the FMCA Roadside Service Plan last year just after it went up from $64 to $75. Fortunately I did not have to use it. I did not renew because the cost went up to $158 for a motorhome. The price increase was not the fault of FMCA. I got the exact same plan thru Escapees at $99.
  12. Good info on the link but I could not find any date on it. How current is the information?
  13. You did not cancel, they canceled on you. Demand a full refund. If they won’t then I would contact my credit card company and dispute the charges. They have breached the contract and must refund you in full.
  14. Wow. $42,500!!! Is that a typo? Did it really cost you that much?
  15. Thanks. As I stated in my original post, I’m not looking for an Advantage Plan, I’m looking for a stand alone nationwide dental plan.
  16. By all means fly the American Flag. If you want to fly a second flag I would go with the State of TX flag. I doubt anybody who is in TX would object.
  17. I am a full timer. I have Medicare and a Supplement, neither cover dental. I did not go with a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes dental because I am full time and travel a lot and did not want an HMO. I wanted nationwide coverage. I now need several implants which are expensive. I have a So Dakota domicle. Does any know of a nationwide dental plan?
  18. Thanks Herman. I am more concerned about Hwy 26. I know a lot of people take 191 to the Tetons, just not sure about 26.
  19. I’m traveling from Rexburg Idaho to Omaha Neb next month. Looking at taking Hwy 26 out of Idaho Falls to US 191 in WY connecting onto I-80 east to Omaha. I’m driving a 43 foot Class A and will be pulling a U-Haul trailer. The alternative route would be I-15 to I-84 (around St Lake) to I-80, all interstate. The first route is about 2 hours shorter but I’m not familiar with how steep the grades are.
  20. My son is wanting to buy a trailer for his family to go weekend camping and one week vacations. He has a Ford F-150 eco boost truck already. With a wife and two kids, boy 10, girl 6, he needs a bath with shower for the wife and bunk beds for the kids. I know nothing about trailers. Any recommendations on brands and models. He’s looking for something used in the 2018 to 2010 range for around $5,000 to $15,000. Thanks for your help.
  21. I am a full timer. I can’t leave my weapon at home, my RV is my home. Do I feel the need to carry? It takes the fire department on average approximately 18 minutes to arrive at the scene of a fire. It takes law enforcement on average approximately 18 minutes to arrive at the scene of a crime. I don’t go anywhere without a fire extinguisher in my RV, I don’t go anywhere without my weapon in my RV. For this reason I do not and will not go to New York, California or Canada. Why should I spend my money somewhere that doesn’t want me to be self sufficient and not dependent on the government to protect me.
  22. I think it would be easier to rent out the Park Model and have your parents stay in the RV. It is more difficult to rent out a stationary RV than a Park Model. Hundreds of Park Models are rented out for the winter season in FL and are in great demand. Now if the RV was going to be used by someone who wanted to travel in it that is a different story, but there is not much demand for a rental on a stationary RV. Also the ware and tair of an RV will be significantly greater than renting out the Park Model.
  23. I have been a member of FMCA for several years and never new about the free KOA Value card! I do not have a KOA card now nor ever in the past but would like one especially if it is free. Can I still get the free card having been a FMCA member for a few years or is it only available to new FMCA members?
  24. I am a full timer registured in So Dakota. I do not have a physical home anymore. Hartford, thru AARP, Safeco a division of Liberty Mutual and State Farm all told me that they would not insure my RV for full time use without a homeowners policy. I asked them if I am full time why would I have a homeowners policy? Guess its State Law or something! I went with Geico on my Class A, Jeep tow, Harley, a $1,000,000 umbrella, and 3 landlord policies on rental property, who AARP, Safeco and State Farm said did not qualify as homeowners policies.
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