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  1. Verizon has spun off a new service, visible.com. One plan, no contract. $40 a month truly unlimited voice/text/data. No throttling. 4G/LTE. We have used it for a month and it works great. Most of the time we get 5Gbps. Supports one device on a hotspot, so we can use a laptop as well as the phone. They support a limited set of bring-your-own phones. If yours isn't supported, they have their own model that they'll swap for any old smart phone that you have. Only downside we have found is that their free phone runs hot around where the phone speaker is, so it works best with a bluetooth. It can also do wifi calling, but we haven't tried that. They have discounts for multiple phones up to 4 that lowers the cost incrementally down to $25 per line. Not limited to a family. You can get friends to join. Also, even though they don't support it, per se, I got multiple laptops onto the service by setting up another phone as a mobile hotspot with wifi sharing. Takes a little messing around, but we can use both of our laptops at the same time. (Contact me if you want details.)
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