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  1. On 10/7/2021 at 6:43 PM, cwswine said:

    So FAR the best preference has been with a WIFI Ranger CORE router that over 5 years old LOL.

    The Core router doesn't have a modem, therefore,  the speed you are seeing has little to do with the device other than as a passthrough.  If you update the Core to WiFiRanger's newest firmware release (7.1.0b11) you will notice improved throughout through the use of an process known as FAST--NAT which bypasses the CPU thus, resulting in higher throughput speeds.

  2. On 7/31/2021 at 1:24 PM, manholt said:

    Back in 2019, your quest for SD would have taken a couple of weeks, same in Texas....Now its 3+ months! 

    We're headed to SD to renew our licenses and I made an appointment at DPS in Sioux Falls a month in advance.  We'll see how that works out.

  3. 38 minutes ago, lynandvictor said:

    I purchased the Pepwave Transit Duo and a SIM Card Adaptor kit.  When I use the Sprint SIM Card in the HOTSPOT device from FMCA sprint works well at most locations.  When I put the SIM Card with the Adaptor kit in the PEPWave Router - the router will disconnect and reconnect about once a minute.   Has anyone else ran into issues using the FMCA Sprint SIM Card in other devices? What was done to correct the situation?  

    Cellular devices have numbers associated with them that are called IMEI (International Mobility Equipment Identifier).  The IMEI unique identifies a particular device.  If is quite common to have specific cell phone plans be associated with the IMEI of devices authorized to access the plan.  It sounds as if your Pepwave is not an authorized device for the FMCA Sprint plan and, therefore, the network is disconnecting it.

  4. Personally, I'd trade the vehicle for something you can tow 4-down.  Having full-timed for >10 years I simply wouldn't want to be bothered with a trailer, or a dolly (which can't be used in your case, anyway). Sure, if you can always get long pull-through sites a trailer wouldn't be all that bad, but that's simply not always possible.  Having to deal with trailers on back-in sites or having to move the trailer to a storage area on a long term stay is more than I want to be bothered with.  I know that some people pull trailers and don't mind it; this is just my opinion.

  5. Several years ago we had a hardwired 50A Surgeguard in our motorhome and periodically it would turn the power off for a minute and then it would come back on.  We were on a site we own so it wasn't a matter of going to another location.

    This went on for a couple of weeks and we couldn't find anything wrong; the Surgeguard seemed fine.

    Eventually, I bought a new Progressive hardwired unit and installed it to replace the Surgeguard.  Sure enough, within a day or two the same thing happened.  But the Progressive has a display for "Previous Error" which, as we learned, is very useful for tracking down intermittent problems.  In  our case, every time the Progressive cut and restored the power the previous error showed as "High Voltage" on one of the lines.

    I called the power company and a technician gave our pedestal a full going over.  His equipment showed there was a 2 volt difference between the two legs of the 50A which was out of spec.  So he tightened every connection all the way back to the distribution transformer.  Sure enough after he had done that the difference between the two lines was on the order of half a volt and the Progressive no longer cut off the power.

    His explanation was that there were multiple "loose" connections which were creating essentially a floating neutral situation where one of the two legs can read high and the other low.  The issue was intermittent and the Progressive and Surgeguard were noticing the high voltage and then were resetting and restoring power after the "event" was over.  The delay in getting the power back on was just the built-in delay time of the device.  The technician said to me "you RVers are the only people who ever have equipment like this sensitive enough to notice this sort of thing!"

    After that I resolved never to disregard a reading on my Progressive.  If it says there's a problem there probably is one!

  6. Having gone through reupholstering my original captain's chairs and then replacing them, I would be cautious about accepting that bid unless you know specifically what fabric is going to be used.

    The reason so many Flexsteel (and other) chair fabrics fail after a couple of years is because the RV manufactures force the furniture companies to meet "price points" in order to get the work.  As a result they don't use the highest quality materials.  One of the best upholstery materials on the market is Ultraleather but the last time I checked it cost $60-80/yard.  You're not going to get that in most consumer market RVs.  What you do get is less expensive polyurethane-finished fabric (that's the fabric family that Ultraleather belongs to) or, even worse you get a "bonded leather" fabric which is real junk.

    The first time around we paid a local shop ~$1200 to upholster our captains chairs but be didn't know enough to reject the bonded leather material.

    Those lasted a couple of years and then we bit the bullet and bought two top--of-the-line, full power Flexsteel chairs upholstered in "real" Ultraleather.  They weren't cheap, but it's been ~four years now and the fabric looks like new.

  7. At the moment T-Mobile is offering 100GB for $50/mo plus a free 5G Inseego M2000 hotspot with a Cat 22 modem and something like six layer carrier aggregation.

     As far as I know the FMCA plan is still tied to Sprint which was always the most limited of the major carriers and I believe the hotspot being used is a several years old model.  Sprint customers can use T-M towers but it's not clear if they receive all the features of the T-M network.  

  8. 4 hours ago, manholt said:

    Most people, RV or car, think that Michelin is the "Holly Grail." in tires!

    Michelin engaged in an extremely successful ad campaign when radial ply tires were first introduced for passenger vehicles.  I think they've been riding that wave ever since to command a price premium relative to most other brands.

  9. I just had Miller Insurance in Oregon write a policy on my RV site in TX.  I had previously used a different company; Miller's quote is significantly less.  I strongly urge you to contact Roxanne at Miller; she's very competent.  

    5805 SW Willow Lane | Lake Oswego, OR 97035
    (800) 622-6347 toll free | (503) 636-6347 main | (503) 699-9348 fax

  10. 10 hours ago, rsbilledwards said:

    Yes Herman would agree that is the best.

    Frank,  On my coach the switch controls what it controls but no solenoid. It has only heavy red single 0 wire in and out. That is what I get for having an old 99 wired very simply, no real frills. Frankly suits me just fine. Gotta love that big old C 12 CAT...

    Thank you for that explanation.  I have a "sister" coach, a 2000 Beaver Patriot Thunder, and I've always puzzled over the location of the salesman switch relay.  There probably isn't one!  

  11. 16 hours ago, robh said:

    In researching heating systems I came across a European system that has heated towel racks and baseboard radiators for their Rv system. Has anyone added a baseboard radiator to their Hurricane system? Seems like it might be a solution for our cold spot in dining area. 

    Although I haven't heard of anyone doing this, I know that Rixen Enterprises in Sandy OR had been installing a German-made hydronic heating system.  Jim Rixen is pretty knowledgeable about these systems and might know the answer to your question.

  12. 40 minutes ago, wildebill308 said:

    I have never seen a Hurricane system? Is it like an Oasis system?

    The Hurricane was the predecessor to the Oasis and both are made by ITR in Vancouver WA.   Ours has two zones and, as delivered, didn't have an electric backup.  We had a Comfort Hot electric system installed by Jim Rixen in Sandy OR so our functionality is now roughly the same as an Oasis.

  13. 52 minutes ago, rossboyer said:

    I just Googled the question about dry county. It is not dry now but was. 

    It was at Maker's Mark that we were given the chance to taste the "white lightning" that they actually market.  It's just that hasn't been aged!  As they say, that will definitely put hair on your chest! 😅

  14. 1 hour ago, garmp said:

    docj, the Bourbon Cream is the reason this whole trip came about. We stopped by Buffalo Trace a couple of years ago on a whim. Missed the tours, but went into the gift shop and I saw a bottle of the Bourbon Cream and is just sorta said, "Buy ME". So I did!!! Amazing is all I can say. Always likes a sip or two of Jack Daniels so decided to stop by their place, then added another one to the list, and another, etc. So now we're trying to trim back our stops and asking for advice on the better stops/tastings.

    We can get that bourbon cream at one of the liquor stores here in coastal TX.  The supply isn't regular so I usually buy several bottles when they have it in stock.

  15. 11 hours ago, cwswine said:

    T-Mobile now has 100 GB plan that would only last me about 6 days with normal TV watching and internet services. 

    We stream all our video and spend a lot of time on our laptops.  I estimate our usage is in the 200-300 GB/mo range.  I now have two of the 100 GB T-Mobile plans along with a grandfathered prepaid unlimited Verizon SIM.  I'm currently looking to replace my now-dead AT&T unlimited SIM.

  16. IMHO you can't make generalizations and comparisons between two different hotspot devices on different plans and in arbitrary locations.  Cellular service is highly location and plan-dependent.   

    That having been said, the new state-of-the-art T-Mobile hotspot is the 5G  Inseego M2000 which T-Mobile is providing at 50% off MSRP.  I have two of them and two 100GB/$50 T-Mobile plans.  I've never been a fan of T-Mobile but these are working well.

  17. 20 hours ago, dons2346 said:

    Jim Beam is there also but after testing the first ones, this stuff is rot gut.

    With all due respect, the Jim Bean label is only one of a number of labels produced by this distillery.   Try any of the >100 proof Knob Creek labels; I doubt you would call those rot gut.

    That's one of the benefits of taking the Bourbon Trail IMO.  You learn about labels you never would have tried.  The quality of bourbon I drank improved significantly after we took the Trail.  And we still love the bourbon cream produced by Buffalo Trace that we discovered on the Trail.

  18. On 1/5/2021 at 8:32 PM, rossboyer said:

    Makers Mark is a bourbon. So is Bartons. In fact 95% of all bourbon is made in Kentucky. None is made in Tennessee. 

    From Wikipedia:

    Tennessee is home to other major bourbon makers, although most prefer to call their product "Tennessee whiskey" instead, including giant Jack Daniel's. It is legally defined under Tennessee House Bill 1084, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and at least one other international trade agreement as the recognized name for a straight bourbon whiskey produced in Tennessee. 

    In other words there is bourbon made in TN, but it's call Tennessee Whisky!

  19. My new T-Mobile Inseego 5G M2000 hotspot covers both T-Mobile's bands as well as those legacy bands that used to belong to Sprint.  I know that because one day I was getting fantastic download speeds and discovered that it had connected to Band 41 which is a Sprint band at ~2.5 GHz.  Unfortunately, the connection didn't last and hasn't been repeated.  But it evidence that T-Mobile is using the old Sprint spectrum.    What I've read is the T-Mobile expects to bring out a lot of what's being called "<6GHz 5G" because Sprint had made a large investment in that part of the spectrum.

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