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  1. Some Medicare Supplemental plans have $50k emergency coverage outside the US. That's a lifetime maximum, but it should be enough to cover getting you back to the US. It should be noted that whether or not you have this coverage has NOTHING to do with whether you have AARP or any other particular insurance carrier. All supplemental plans (Medigap plans) with the same "letter" ID have exactly the same benefits.. We have Plan F and the outside the US benefit is valid on those plans.
  2. We've used BB a number of times over the past 9 years with no problems. Occasionally they knock off weep hole covers off our windows, nothing worse. One suggestion which was made to me a few years ago was to give the "team leader" a modest sized tip before the wash begins (when you are giving him instructions through the window beforehand). I can't swear that this helps, but we haven't had any issues.
  3. I'm pretty sure you can use a router as your "one device" and then let the router connect to the rest of your network. That gets around the "one device" limitation.
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