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  1. Thanks for the replies. I ordered and received today the roadmaster baseplate, toe bar, lighting kits and an invisabrake system. Will start the install tomorrow. Man holt, what’s gaping in Gladewater? We are only about 40 min from there in Avinger. Thanks, Danny
  2. New Member here. We just bought a 2017 Ford C-Max hybrid to pull behind our (new to us) 2015 Forest River Lexington. I would appreciate any info on tow bar, base plate, braking system and wiring you may have. As well as experiencing in installing them. I have been all over the ETrailer site looking at videos. I live in NE Texas, about an hour from Shreveport if you have any recommendations on installers. At this point, I was hoping to install myself. I am torn between the Blue Ox and Roadmaster baseplate and tow bars. Roadmaster looks more substantial but with the external crossbar, it is one more thing to stow when not being towed. The previous owner of the FR Lexington had an Invisabrake system on his Jeep, which he keep. I am unsure whether to go with something permanent like invisabrake or something like the take out patriot. All help is appreciated. thanks
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