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  1. Ford has failed to make corrections, from what I have learned
  2. Belatedly, I was told Ford has a bad design, the front leaf spring bushing are to week, you see where they have collapse. Mark
  3. Herman, I have a 2016 Fleetwood Southwind 34A, F53 chassis V10 Gas, My tire pressure all around is 88 #, I had a complete alinement. Mark
  4. Hi I'm Mark Lasater, I have a Feetwood, Southwind 34A motorhome with 10,000 miles, with sway and driving wandering. This is what I have done to correct my problems. First lets start with the sway, in the back, at the back axle I have installed a rear track bar, a 1 5/8 sway bar behind the rear axle, an 1 3/4 sway bar in front of the rear axle, and Koni shocks. In the front I have replaced the front OEM sway bar with 1 3/4 sway bar, I installed a white safety - T, Koni shocks. All of this has correct the sway. Now for the driving wandering, I have installed Super Steers Radius Rod Kit, and I have taken the rig in had it alined, they said at that time my front leaf springs bushing are bad, I'm been told to replace them with Polyurethane bushing, I'm been trying to find them and I can't, can you help. Mark
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