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  1. HEY RICHARD, How'd you handle the fumes? Some where I saw you're supposed to scrape off the foam from the panel and then wipe it down with Acetone - which of course is highly flammable. Then you spray both the new covering and the panel with 2 coats of adhesive - which contains another highly flammable solvent. How'd you prevent building up an explosive condition in the car? If I do it, I'll have both ceiling fans running and several windows open to pull air thru the coach, but I still get concerned about the high build up of flammable gases.
  2. You guys gave us a good “whuppin’”. Glad there wasn’t any controversy- except maybe Mr Beckham. Called Dave and discussed my problem. Got a “guesstimate “ price. Now discuss it with the wife, and go from there. Thanks again for your help.
  3. I'm I'm in Lewisville, TX about due west of Plano. Plan on heading south to Waco, Austin, San Antonio, etc. Visiting Texas for about 2 months or so. We're from South Carolina - and trying to recover from Clemson's loss to LSU
  4. Correction. That would be my procedure IF I decide to try it myself. And, a call to RV Repair in Houston to get some pricing, etc Again, THANKS for all of your comments
  5. My PREPOSED repair procedure, after a call to Winnebago to get their input: 1. Order new ceiling material 1. Hang poly sheeting to totally enclose the full panel 1. Remove 2" wide strip 2. Pull headliner down & discard 3. Scrape insulation off panel 4. Sand and wipe panel with acetone ( one video suggested this in order to get the adhesive to bond-don't care too much for this idea as it's extremely flamable) 5. Spray adhesive on both sides - sounds as if 2 coats are need. 6. Insure adhesive is ready for contact - make sure the "shine" is gone, touch it. If it comes off on my finger, it's not ready. 7. Start at center (have to cut out for light fixture) and staple that part of the headliner into place. 8. Using a paint roller, roll a stripe down the center of the panel. 9. Continue rolling, keeping wrinkles out 10. Staple sides hiding the staples under the 2" strip Guys, Please feel free to comment on my procedure.
  6. Thanks, guys for your help. Keep the comments coming. I can use all the help I can get. You say "best to remove the panel, etc". I didn't know that the panel was removable. Have you done that before? If so how'd you do it? and THANKS
  7. No smoking in this vehicle - we're non-smokers.
  8. I have made an initial inquiry with Winnebago. My link was just a general "Contact Us " link, so if you've got a better idea, I'll try that too. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. I have not. Didn't think of that. Got any idea where I'd send it? Thanks for the idea.
  10. THANKS for the responses, guys. I have a 36' 2006 Winnebago Journey. This does not appear to be a panel. It looks as if the vinyl detached itself from the ⅛" foam rubber base. Here are some pic's. Let me know if you need something else. This is the worst, but I've also got some bubbles that aren't on the edge.
  11. The headliner in my MH is detaching from the ceiling and falling down. Anybody had this experience and if so, how'd you reattach it? Thanks in advance for your help.
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