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  1. I've installed a venturi type cover on the black water vent and it seems to have solved the problem. I bought a rotating cover due to the fact that I could not find a stationary cover. Thank you all for your help!
  2. I finally located both check valves and they seem to be working OK. Also, the smell is not coming from the area of the check valves. I will try one of the venturi vents. Hopefully I will find one tomorrow and test it out. Thanks to all for the assistance. I would have been lost without you advice.
  3. Unfortunately I have been unable to get on the internet for a few days. I did find a check valve under the counter next to the sink in the bathroom. Can you tell me how I check it to see if it is operating OK? Thank you for all your help.
  4. Thanks, I'll try one of them. My vent pipes are very close together and I may not have enough space between them to do two. Appreciate your help.
  5. We did notice that the smell was much worse when a window was open or when I opened the vents on the engine system. I'll try what you suggested. I have roof vent covers on both roof vents and we have tried to keep them closed when driving. Are the venturi covers different from a regular roof vent cover? Thanks for the s\help.
  6. I am having problems with a sewer smell while traveling down the road. The smell goes away when I park. I've put water down the black and gray vent pipes and replaced the cover on each. I've checked that the sinks and shower traps have water in them. It does not appear the vent pipes have dropped into the tank. I recently read something about making sure the check/vent valves are working OK. Can someone tell me where they are. I do not see anything under my sinks that looks like a check valve.
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