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    Tire age

    Hello everyone, Thank you for your answers to my question. We have a 2015 Thor Challenger 37 KT.

    Tire age

    I am in the market for 6 new tires. I contacted the local Michelin dealer from the FMCA Tire program list and spoke to the manager about my needs. My Motorcoach is a 2015 with 2014 tires on it. Dry rot is setting in. When I asked the dealer manager about the age of the tires I would be getting, he said there was no way for him to find out. I would get what was sent from their Houston warehouse. He said I have a unusual tire size (235/80R 22.5) and they probable only make them in lots so I might get 6 month to 24 month old tires. My question - What age do most of y'all get when you buy tires?
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