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  1. F1arkey

    Steering Box

    I have some lush in my steering wheel and have come to the conclusion that it is in the steering box. Is is possible to adjust a Shepard steering box? I know that TRW’s are adjustable, but I don’t know about Shepard’s. I have about 4 inches of play in the steering wheel, so a little bit of an adjustment would do the trick.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I do not have aqua heat, just propane furnaces. So your responses are moot, but thanks anyway.
  3. Hello everybody, I have just joined and this is my first post so please be nice to this rookie. I have just recently purchased a 2002 Monaco Diplomat. It is 40 feet and a diesel pusher. Our first trip was to PEI in the summer and we had a few issues that I will tell all at a later date , but rift now I have a different issue. And that has to do with the furnace and it’s controls. Those familiar with this motorhome will hopefully give me guidance to solve my problems. Firstly, the thermostat. There’ are 2 zones a]nd I have no idea what is one 1 or 2. Common sense would tell me that zone one is the front & zone 2 the rear.....buuuuuuut there is only a thermostat at the front so how could it control the rear of the motorhome. There is a thermostat just at the side of the bathroom door of which I don’t know what to do with so I just keep it off. Secondly, on the thermostat there are choices of cool, fan, furnace or heat pump. Cool is easy as it operates the a/c in the ceiling, but the rest are a bit confusing. Heat pump is supposed to make the ceiling a/c work in reverse and produce heat, or so I’m told, but they don’t. What happens is that it works the same as furnace, operating the furnace. Next we come to the furnace(s). There are 2, one under the sink and one under the fridge. They each work on their own with no reason as to why. One will come on one time and the other will come on at another time with no order of when. One will be on 10times and then’ the other will come on for maybe 2 or3 times, then the other will be on for a few times. It's like they are possessed....LOL All advice will be appreciated and thank you in advance. Bruce
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