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  1. One think to note; My TireTraker remembers the pressure from the last day of use. So the next morning the pressures you see on the monitor are yesterdays readings. It may take up to 20 minutes to refresh. The "morning reset"/"Auto reset" is mentioned in the manual (back on page 20) but should be in bold right up front, because it gives a "false sense of security". The manual says it "continously" monitors the pressure and tempature. I found that if I remove a sensor from a tire after I shut down for the night, the next morning I can drive for up to 20 minutes before the monitor goes into alarm. Glad it wasn't a flat inside dual since I looked at all the tires I could see before I pulled out.
  2. I too have had my generator start up for no apparent reason. I found the control wiring connector (interior start/stop switch) had gotten rain water and shorted the start circuit. I cleaned the connector and sealed it with electrical grease. No problems since.
  3. If you have an old directional light flasher and amp meter, the kind where you hold the meter against the wire and it reads the current. You can jumper the flasher across the fuse, aligator clamps work good. It will flash (open and close quickly) causing current to flow to the short. Then slide the amp meter along the wires starting at the fuse and watch it . It should be bouncing back and forth at the same rate as the flasher. When you get to the short it will stop bouncing back and forth. Start looking there for the short.
  4. One of those valves on the air tank reduces the pressure to about 80 lbs. for the air bag system. Mine was leaking also. I found one at the Freightliner dealer.
  5. I have the NSA system on my rig. IT SEEMS TO WORK but I don't know how to test it. It does take some setup time to get the cables at the right tension. By the way it is not the same as surge brakes on a trailer. It uses a cable attached to the brake pedal.
  6. Corrosion strikes again. Found some minor corrosion on the start relay terminals, once I found the relay. It would energize when I turned the key to start but it would take up to 5 seconds before the starter would kick in. All OK now. This is the first I have found corrosion causing a delay in the passage of current. Usually it is all or none.
  7. I called Freightliner and recieved the drawing. There are two relays in the circuit. Now to find them!!
  8. I called Freightliner and they said that their is a box with relays in it, (at least one from the transmission) that the wire from the key goes through on its way to the starter. He said it is in the back somewere, shipped not mounted. Airstream must have mounted it somewhere. I will start looking under the bed (motor access).
  9. I am looking for Freightliner electrical drawing D06-25921-00. Does anyone have a copy? Thanks Lew
  10. The dash lights up when I turn the key on, low air red light and buzzer etc. The engine preheat goes on and times out. Sometimes it cranks right up, sometimes if I hold the key in the start position for several seconds it will evently start up. I cleaned all the battery terminals. Where is the ignition solenoid? Lew
  11. 1998 Airstream MOHO on a XC chassis, Cat 3126. Sometimes when I turn the key to start, nothing happens. Sometimes if I hold it in the start position for several seconds it will crank OK. Today I noticed a “do not shift” light was on the dash but it did start. Is there a “neutral safety switch” or a relay in the circuit between the key and the starter solenoid? It is a push button shifter. I have a “Silverleaf” VMS that shows no faults. Does anyone have a schematic of this circuit. The manual only shows a single line from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid.
  12. I have a 1998 Airstream diesel pusher. Freightliner chassis Cat 3126 300HP. I found an article about eliminating the crankcase breather hose and installing a system similar to cars that puts the oil vapors back into the engine and eliminates the hose hanging under the engine. The kit number is 269-2002 and the bulletin number was #980924 dated 1998. I ordered the kit but it does not have any directions and the dealer could not find the bulletin. Does anyone have any info on this kit? Thanks. Lew
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