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  1. We’re not sure. It’s by the Big Boy Relay, in the same compartment. We are new to this motorhome. We bought it used, 22,000 miles on it. We had a 35 ft Teton for years and knew it inside and out. So we’re struggling with this problem. You would think that both shops (In different states) would have started with all the connections. However, we will look at all major connections (and purchase another relay to have an extra one) until we find the issue. Thank you for your help
  2. I really wasn’t looking at the dash voltage when all of this occurred. We were losing power and the engine just shut down. We were able to get to the side of the road. We have had the coach in the shop twice for this same problem. They say it is a relay and luckily we purchased another one . The shop placed a new one in and now it is happening again. Do you think it could be a ground
  3. We have a Beaver Contessa, 2007, CAT C9, need help solving a electrical problem. As we are driving down the road, check engine light, ABS light comes on flashing, sometimes goes off and sometime the engine dies.
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