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  1. I will NEVER buy at this dealership again (#gerzanysRV) and I will never buy #cornerstone RV insurance again. I purchased an RV (2700 miles / Winnebago ERA70 M) used - it has 3100 miles and amazing how the RV started to fall apart that day! Long story short.. I can't even get a Knob for the Stove. After 5+ months... The last fiasco was .. The RV was purchased for a company, and the one person who is on the cornerstone policy.. (according to them) had to be present when I dropped the vehicle off for service to fix a completely BROKEN MURPHY BED! The Note comes to me at the office.. the auto insurance has me all over it.. Long story short #Gerzenys did not make it easy at all... I feel like it was a used car salesman experience... and in 4 months when I buy my Leisure Serenity ... It won't be there. I tried to service the RV in Fort Pierce at the only Winnebago dealership on this coast / South Florida - and THEY DON'T TAKE CORNERSTONE. SO USING SOME 3RD PARTY DEALERSHIP.. AND IT'S A MESS!! please help: DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN GET A SCHEMATIC AND PARTS DIAGRAMS AND JUST PURCHASE THE STUFF MYSELF? FOR WINNEBAGO SPRINTERS?
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