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  1. I have a question regarding replacing tires... I own a 2011 Fleetwood Classic Bounder 37R, Gas Ford V10 on an F53 Chassis. My tires are all over the 7 year recommended replacement however they only have 24K miles and honestly NO cracking on any sidewall or in any tread. I've kept this rig in an RV garage for the past 3 years and prior to that it's lifemust have been pretty protected (purchased used) based on tire degradation. Current tires are the original Goodyear G70 RV Unisteel, 245 70R 19.5 These exact tires are not readily available and If special ordered I have one installer saying they would cost $6-7K which makes no sense when comparing to around $3K for 6 Toyo or Continental or Firestones that actually have a G load rating compared to the F rating on the Goodyears. My question is how would any of you feel about replacing the Steering tires only at this time knowing that with duals on the drivers are not as dangerous should you have a problem. I do run a Tire Minder monitor so pretty much know if anything is happening related to a change but of course this doesn't help on a blow out. My main concern is safety for my wife and I and we have a couple 4K trips coming up this summer. I appreciate your opinion, it's not a matter of cost although I do have better things to do with $4000 if possible.
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