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  1. I can't believe i left it off. It's a 2006 Winnebago Journey 39'.
  2. I am putting in probably two Battleborn, batteries 100 amp hour. I need to replace the converter because the lithium batteries require 14.7 volts to charge them. I have two problems. the first is in looking for the converter I've been told it's under the fridge or under the bed. I have looked in both places twice because I simply can't believe that I can be stumped by this. That part someone will just have to know. The second question is that if I ever find the converter some people say that the rig was designed for 45 amp charger d putting in 60 would cause problems. Others say that 60 amps is no problem at all. I guess it's not really a big deal but I bought it with really bad batteries and on our first trip we ended up using the generator for everything. An answer for the first and an opinion on the second would be appreciated You probably guessed I'm new around here, Thanks very much, Wayne
  3. I have the same rig with exactly the same problem and it ended up to be a loose electrical connector gong to the hydraulics under the step going into the coach. I hope you luck out and it's the same problem. Good luck, Wayne
  4. Thanks, Bill, I will try as you suggested. Do you mean coach level?
  5. It was after the batteries were replaced but they were replaced because of the problem.
  6. 3 slides inoperable 1 partially closed, solenoid click with switch operation. new batteries, awnings working ok. New to this game. Thanks Wayne,
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