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  1. We will be using our new 5th Wheel regularly but not full-time. I expect to store it outside for periods ranging from one to three weeks between uses. We have a breathable cover. For maintaining the interior, is opening a window and a vent for cross ventilation better or should I close everything up and place two or three buckets of something like DampRid throughout? Thanks!
  2. I'm new to RVing and recently purchased a 2018 RAM 2500 with a 6.5' bed and the factory prep for 5th wheel towing. We are looking at Forest River 5th wheels in the 32' range. My question concerns a stationary versus a sliding hitch. I've read newer 5th wheels are designed to pull with a short-bed truck without a slider (higher clearances) but I've also read horror stories of jack-knifed trailers with dented truck sides and/or broken windows. Is the extra expense of the sliding hitch really necessary?
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