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  1. I'm on the road and my newish TechConnect $46/mo Sprint MiFi was doing great, until one day a few days ago when it said "Wi-Fi: OFF" on the home screen, for some reason. It's getting a decent connection on Sprint (3 bars). Try as I might I could not figure out how to turn WiFi back on. AND of course I really need that wifi, my iphone's ATT can't get a signal. I tried contacting Sprint, and after a bunch of rigamarole with account numbers and such, was told that only FMCA can provide tech support since this is their program. This was over the weekend, and apparently there is no dedicated support number for TechConnect. They say to call Membership Services. Which has limited hours, I don't even think they're open on weekends. So I called this morning (Monday) and was connected to a guy's *voicemail* ... left all the info requested, never got a call back even while waiting an hour. I tried calling again, and was connected to the department, and someone *not* in support took all my info and said "I'll get this over to Brett and John who do all our MiFi stuff and see if they can get this figured out. They're busy with a couple other issue right now and that's why you got me." I mean ... come on! How can you offer an expensive WiFi device and data plan and not have 24/7 support, or at least a dedicated number and some support videos online? Has anyone else run into this? I'm kinda flabbergasted. AM
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