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  1. I too am having that recall work done at a Freightliner "Oasis" in Oak Creek WI. I just bought a 2015 Tuscany XTE 40 AX. Does anyone have information on either the performance after the recall is completed or the Freightliner Truck Country of Wisconsin shop's quality of work??
  2. Has anyone had any experience with Battle Born batteries? From my research I'm getting a favorable impression. I plan on changing out all my house batteries with 3 1000 AmpHrs Battle Born Lithium Ion batteries. I understand they are $950 a copy but sell at $850 at RV shows (if ever we get back to having them). My next question I would appreciate help with: I just purchased a 2015 Tuscany XTE 40AX with 32K miles at the end of October and had to put it directly in winter storage. After I change out the batteries, are there any reset switches on the Magnum Converter/Charger that I need to reset? Or other main cut out switches other than the main house switch inside the entrance door?
  3. I recommend the Palatine , Northwest Truck Inc. on Rand Road. I have not had any service done there, only brought filters for my generator in my 2015 Tuscany which I just acquired. All the counter people in the parts department were extremely helpful. I am sure to go back there if I run into anything I can not handle or not want to do myself. I still can't believe how much time and effort they put into research for me!!!
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