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  1. WHAT IS THE TYPICAL MARK UP ON MOTORHOMES Getting the age we need to park it. After trying RVT.COM. Took to a dealer to sell on consignment. I was asking $138,000 for a 2008 Motorhome with 42,000 miles on RVT.COM---no good--- dropped it to $125--------no good. Dealer says he can get me $100,000---what do I do. He advertises in for $155,000---has it 1 month and says I need to come down on my price. Is 55% typical mark up? Just looking for some education.
  2. Had Arms on my '05 Cheetah replaced at Luthers Truck Repair in Cherry Valley, CA (Very competent shop), however didn't have warranty in coach--called dealer where we purchased and got answering machine. So went ahead with repair. When I returned home to Indiana found where I had in fact purchased extended warranty. Company is refusing to honor because it was unauthorized repair. Have offered coach for inspection---so far no show. I'll run right out & buy a new Monaco from the same dealer. Bill B. Muncie, IN nitnub007
  3. Just March 6, 2010 I'm sitting in the coach in Newport Beach CA on a rainy day----on vacation from Indiana. I read an article in this post ref. trailing arm breakage. I own a 2005 Cheetah---bought new---have not received recall notice. Rainy day so I tought I'll look at it tomorrow. March 9 we're on our way to Palm Springs--just east of Riverside on I10 coach starts diving when I touch the brakes, really loose feeling. Pulled over at 60 exit---set on the ground & kicked the arms, one on road side is broken. Coach is in the shop & we're in a motel. FMCA is worth the money------------Thank you nitnub007
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