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  1. At a recent rally, I spoke with a representative of a non-Coach-Net Emergency Towing service who stated that Coach-Net will not pay for a tow due to a mechanical failure. His example was that if a tire blows and were to rip up part of the drive train, Coach-Net would only replace the tire and NOT tow the coach. This got my attention since I have had Coachnet for a few years (never needed to use them yet)and wondered if this was true or simply a tall tale to try and sell their product. I did check my Coach-Net contract and did not see language to this regard, but was curious as to your experiences as we are planning a trip to Alaska next summer. Thanks for your input!
  2. I have used the Steer Safe on a 36'Freightliner chassis Meridian and it helped with the wind and truck passing issues quite a bit. When we went for our 42' coach (again, Freightliner), I installed a TruCenter active steering stabilizer that can also re-center the steering to accommodate cross winds, road camber, etc. This really works great and makes driving a much more relaxed experience. There is no impact from passing trucks, cross winds, etc. and you can instantly adjust the centering to accommodate changing conditions. Best wishes.
  3. I am towing a 2010 Buick Lacrosse CXL with no problem. Using the Roadmaster tow bracket for the car and it works well. So far, I have towed about 5,000 miles following the directions in the owner's manual. Really like the car.
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