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  1. Byron, Sorry to hear you are having trouble with ALK. I know it has been a long time but did you write down the activation code when you first activated you CoPilot GPS v8. Activation codes are like that and you need to keep them in a safe place just incase you loose a hard drive or just want to upgrade you laptop. While checking out the ALK site I noticed that CoPilot Live v8 is now listed for smart phones. Obviously their older developments have found a new life. I appreciate the fixed income situation but the trend for software publishers over the last 4 to 5 years has been to sell their product for less and charge the full "reduced" price for each version upgrade of their product. Similar trends are surfacing from the hardware manufactures also. I would bet you paid a lot less for your "new" laptop than the one your are replacing. Just don't expect to receive much if any support from the manufacture after 3 or 4 years. If you don't need a new GPS the ALK's site lists CoPilot v11 for $149.
  2. If you want a site for trip journaling try http://mytripjournal.com/ You have two options. The free one with some capacity limitations for photographs or the paid one that is ad free and increased or unlimited storage. If you happen to be a Mac or iPhone user and think you would prefer the paid option of mytripjournal you should also check out Apples MobileMe offer. MobileMe won't have the map feature of mytripjournal but is optimized to use you Mac and iPhone software and features. Like the others have said it does come down to just what you want out of your journaling and how much time and resources you have available to put into it.
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