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  1. There is a large truck stop about 4 miles west of the turnpike in Miami on Tamiami Trail (s.w. 8 st) it is located at the entrance to the Everglades and you can easily return back to the turnpike. DADE CORNERS MARKET PLACE, 17696 SW 8TH ST, MIAMI, FL, 33194 27 is not bad but you do spend a lot of time on the south end stoping at red lights through several small cities (south bay, clewiston).
  2. Thank you I think I may give them a try.
  3. Do you know if any particular RV is effected more than others. I have an 03 36' Alfa, I have noticed when going to one of the sites you had on you post it seems most of the people who like them have Alfas. Is there something different relative to the height. I am new to the RV thing so bear with me if I ask something totally out of left field.
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