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  1. I have left some messages for the places that you suggested. Thank you again for your help!
  2. We have a 36 ft. Fleetwood Bounder without a toad. We will try to rent a truck or van of some sort when we get there, where we will attempt to buy some basics, including a bed. Son is driving his small car too, but will only be staying with us the first night until he can get his apartment keys. Our son is an aerospace engineer and took a position with a DOD contractor (considered an essential business). He pushed his start date twice due to COVID and stay at home orders and they can't wait anymore. So we are scrambling with a little over a week's notice, while trying to keep everyone safe and healthy (and out of a hotel). Thank you very much for your help!
  3. We are brand new to FMCA and I need some help. We need to relocate our son from the Chicago area to Timonium, MD next week so that he can immediately start a job at a necessary business in that area. In order to remain healthy and minimize risk for everyone we would like to move him there in our Class A, but we see that MD has closed all of their campgrounds due to the pandemic. We are looking for a safe place to park overnight for three or four nights. We are not familiar with the area. I called the Baltimore County police department for ideas and they offered a few which have not panned out. The local Walmart does not offer overnight parking and I reached out to the MD State Fairgrounds by email to see if we could get permission to park there. His apartment complex (rented sight unseen) won't allow us to park there overnight either. Does anyone have any ideas for us? Thank you so much for any help that you can provide!
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