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  1. Is there a way to carry the spare in the tow hitch of the tow vehicle (mine is a Tahoe with a tow hitch. Then my problem would be how to get it off when i get home or to the campground? At home I have a winch that can raise it but not on the CG. Would need a carrying system and something to get it down of the tow vehicle I can hardly carry a regular tire at age 76.
  2. I purchased a Dutch Star and a Tahoe toad April 2020. The Tahoe was new and fitted with a new Air Force One breaking system. I traveled with this system for 1000 miles. At the end of of the last 350 mile part of the trip I noticed a burned rubber smell in the Tahoe. The FRONT tire had no tread on them at that point. I use the engine breaks 95% of the time and do not ride the breaks at all. I am getting ready to replace the front tire and check the break pads. Has anyone had such an experience? What is the underlying cause? I do not feel safe traveling with my coach any more. Any ideas/suggestions would be helpful. Thank you Mahdi Al-Bassam
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