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  1. We had stopped at a shopping center in Idaho. The temperature was 98 degrees. My three dogs and wife were in the RV. The generator quit. After numerous attempts to restart it, I called Safe Ride. I explained my situation to the rude, uncaring representative. I wanted to talk with one of their technicians for their suggestions on troubleshooting. She said only one technician was available, and he was on a call and would have to call me back. I did not receive a call back from the technician. I asked about a mobile technician. She told me there were none available in Lewiston, ID. I discovered the next day there was one. We checked into a hotel as we also broke a hydraulic line. We filed for trip interruption insurance. We were there for seven days because of the holiday and getting parts. They paid for the five days hotel per their agreement. They would not cover my wife’s meals for the five days, only mine. Their customer service is pathetic. We canceled our coverage and signed up with Coach-Net.
  2. I knew I would be RVing away from my home area and knew little about all of the working components of my home on wheels. I purchased a warranty from Wholesale Warranties in 11-2019. I invested 7,374.00 in their Total Coverage plan to cover all of the working systems in the RV. Wholesale Warranties sold my contract to a company called Strategic Administration. They are a servicing agency for the recreation vehicle industry. I had a hydraulic line blow on my slide-out in Lewiston, ID. The repair bill was 1,400.00. The 7,374 I spent for Total Care Coverage covered repairs to the slide, except there was an exclusion to all hoses on the vehicle. They denied my claim. I had a hydraulic valve fail two weeks later in Canada. The bill was 609.00. I had a deductible of 100.00. They reimbursed me 302.00 because Strategic Administration uses Spader Labor Guide for paying labor charges. It doesn’t matter what the shop charges for labor. They only pay from the Spader Labor guide. I had to submit the claim multiple times. My experience with Strategic Administration’s customer service and claims over the last 3+ years was pathetic because I’m not their customer. Their contract favors the warranty company. You had better have every receipt and a maintenance log if you expect reimbursement on a major repair like engine, transmission etc. The Wholesale Warranty Total Coverage was the worst investment I made in my RV. I would not recommend them to anyone.
  3. We are headed up through British Columbia to Alaska. We are aware of all of the fires in Alberta and British Columbia. We were curious if the smoke conditions were less going up through Vancover than Idaho of Montana?
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