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  1. My 2020 Escape, purchased new in December 2020, has now died 19 times, twice before installing the braking and lighting system, and the rest after. That includes many non-towing events plus every towing day. I carry a jump pack after having used Ford Road Service far too many times. It has been in 4 different Ford service departments and is on its third new battery. Nobody can figure out how to fix it. Because it’s so difficult to find a good replacement now and the expense involved in outfitting yet another vehicle, I haven’t gone the Lemon Law route. I would only be entitled to what I paid for it and at that time, cars were still being discounted. But now on this 19th time, after being towed, it still thinks it’s in tow mode even though it runs through the gears and is drivable. BUT when I hook it up and try to put it in tow mode again, the wheels are locked and I can’t move the vehicle unless I put it in neutral. Not good. I can hear the engine running as I get out and lock the door. I could tow a very short distance but all systems are alive in the meantime. I’m due to leave my current spot in 3 days and travel 700 miles. I’m desperate now. I’m a grandma wanting to see her granddaughter graduate from high school and need to get there. I live in my motorhome so flying isn’t an option. Gotta get this vehicle fixed so I can get going! Help please!
  2. We've been to several national and area rallies in our 42' pusher with a toad. Now we have a new 23' little one instead and it will be our only method of transportation. We noticed at previous rallies that the B's etc seemed to be parked together in one area. What's the scoop on that? Now our tanks are much smaller. Will we be parked where we can get in and out easily to leave the grounds for a short time or to dump the tanks and add water? This is a totally different experience for us and we're excited about it but would like to be prepared for whatever.
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