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  1. I am having to replace the Pioneer radio in my Winnebago Vista model 27N. Has anyone done this and what model radio did you use? I never did like the radio due to the poor operation of the touch screen. The radio crashed! Not at all unexpected. It had too many modes of operation to be good at any one of them.
  2. You were right. I removed the bezel and the 2 plastic pins on diagonal opposite corners did break. This renders the bezel and base plate useless. The pins are either glued in or have a non-removable taper fit. The base plate, which holds the switch, and the bezel are assembled after the switch is wired and the base plate is screwed to the wall. The screws are only accessible with the bezel removed. The switch had too much grease in it and this prevented a good contact on occasion. I was able to salvage the bezel and base plate by drilling 1/16 dia. holes in the location of the plastic pins. I made some shout metal pins and inserted them in the holes. Using these metal pins as guides I glued the bezel to the base plate with a small spot of glue at the two pin locations. Hopefully this will remove more easily next time.
  3. The switch controls three incandescent light bulbs. I can see the back of the switch but too far away in a narrow area to reach. It is mounted with two screws that are accessed from the front but are covered by a bezel. I've called Winnebago service (waited 15 minutes for a tech to answer) and was told it snaps off...he didn't say whether the bezel would still be in one piece or not and be able to be reused. I've tried to remove it and it appears as though the bezel will break. I have contacted the local Winnebago dealer and his first indication was that a new replacement part is not available. He is to check with the factory and let me know. So...has any one successfully removed a bezel from a typical Winnebago 12v light switch without breaking it; how?
  4. Can any one help with a description of how to remove the bezel from a 12v light switch in a Winnebago motor home. I have a switch that does not always turn on the light. I would like to replace the switch...can't seem to get the bezel off without braking it. HELP
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